To me, photography is catching a moment which is passing that is precious and memorable forever

Hello, I am Sophia Ritz.

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, apparently I am a rarity. I photograph a wide variety of photos here, on the outskirts of the city and beyond. We have the most beautiful mountain landscape right at our fingertips, I love to get out into the mountain air to explore and adventure with my couples. I am so passionate about photography and I am the happiest when I am doing what I love. (Capturing your special moments)

I love that photography lets me capture these priceless moments people share and lets me express my creativity through a photograph. Words cannot describe the way a photo can make me and others feel. These are moments in time that have passed that we get to re-live by viewing them. We get to experience incredible emotions from something we miss, cherish and adore. 

MY SOFT SPOT - A huge part of me – what makes me who i am – is my absolute adoration towards animals and pets. Its hard to walk down the street and not voice my “ohs and awes”. When a cute pup approaches you know I need to stop and say hello. Each and every one of them are here to live a happy and fulfilling life like the rest of us, yet their purpose and what makes them happy is to make US happy. Loyal, unconditionally loving us... I am really lucky to have had such amazing animals in my life and I treasure our memories daily.

I TRULY BELIEVE - On my path to where I am today I have learned a lot! I truly believe that it doesn’t matter the camera/tool you use but the person behind the tool and the passion that the person has. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I like to pour my whole heart into every area of my work.

WHERE DO I FIND SOLACE - I often find peace and relaxation by being alone in the woods with nature and my camera. This is my time to think, ponder and let my busy mind go quiet. This is where I find my inspiration. I resort to alley ways, forests, abandoned farm houses or along the river!

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to hear a little bit about you! Contact me to inquire about your upcoming photo needs or just to say HI!