What do you wear for your upcoming family session?

Well... there are a lot of answers to that question but it entirely depends on the type of family session you are doing, in what season and YOU!

I have put together a list of suggestions, some DO'S & DON'T for when it comes to dressing for your photos. Find out the best attire for any season and what works best when you get photos done professionally.

Let's start with neutrals...

Neutrals include..

White, cream, grey, black, nudes, browns etc. Oh, and what the heck - let's throw denim in there.

These all photograph so beautifully! You can never go wrong with pairing these together with one another and they are always clean and simple.

Tip: Having people that will be standing next to one another, in opposing colours (one in white and one in grey) is helpful with not loosing where one of you start and the other begin but is not a necessary thing. Try to avoid being too "Matchy-Matchy" with the same colour, same top type thing.


Denim is great! Photographs great and is a more casual every-day look. I personally love the way the lighter denim photographs with my style and a good dark blue or black denim is always clean and fresh.

Denim to avoid: Try to avoid denim with any big details, embellishments, fading and very blue died denim. These tend to date the photo and not photograph nicely.

If multiple people want to wear Denim, be aware of what colour denim you are pairing and perhaps one wears a denim shirt and the other wears denim jeans? Try to compliment each other rather than being the same on the top and the bottom.

Color & Pattern

YES - you can have colour and I encourage it!

We love a good pop of red! You stand out in a really great way!

Color can be very hard though. When introducing colour, the only thing to be mindful of is, having it be the one and only colour you choose. Do not try and combine a vibrant red with a purple. Let that red live and thrive on its own. Pair neutrals along with the colour you choose and just make sure that pop of color is not on every single family member because then it does become overwhelming. A great way to add colour is with a statement piece (dress, shirt, etc) or think of an interchangeable item that you can easily throw on or take off, like a sweater, kimono, cardigan, hat, scarf, etc. Depending on the amount of family members in the photo, try to scatter those things amongst you instead of having the pop be only on one person or everyone.

Which other colours should you consider or avoid?

Deep colours are your best options, burgundy, olive/forest green and navy are great. One thing I would take into consideration before choosing one of them is what your surroundings are going to be. If you are headed deep into the green forest, maybe avoid the green, as you may blend into the background a little.

Pattern - this is a tricky one but pattern is FUN!

Florals - LOVE, bohemian - LOVE, stripes... some of them I love HAHA

Just try to avoid very busy patterns that are perhaps only "in trend" for now and not a staple pattern. Those come and go quickly and can again, date your photo.

A great little tip is: When a pattern has a variety of colours within it, try to select two from there to help with deciding what other colours you will pair or have other family members wear. They will end up going together seamlessly.

Textures + Fabrics

Believe it or not.. this does make a difference.

Shiny fabrics are tough to photograph, some of them reflect or fall weird making them both distracting and unflattering. Stiff fabrics are a huge NO NO! You just won't feel comfortable moving in them and if they are heavy or stiff they won't sit nicely.

My favourite fabrics are cotton, linen, a heavy knit, denim, corduroy and soft flowy chiffons. They photograph beautifully and add depth to the photograph.


Wear something comfortable and cute!!

I am the type of photographer to have you walking, moving and playing around so it is a good idea to be in something you are comfortable in but that also is clean and ready for photos.

My only tip is this, do not wear a pair of shoes that you'd be upset if they showed up in the photos. I do tend to get full-body shots and shoes in a ton of your images, so just as long as you'd look at your photos and be ok with you shoe choice.

Depending on the weather, sometimes your options may be limited (Rain, winter and deep snow)


I LOVE MOVEMENT... we will get those standard shots but I like to have you doing things to catch those amazing in between moments and everyone has more fun that way!

What are props? I am so happy you asked.. because no, they are not cheesy items I want you to pose with. When I say props, I mean - Blankets, champagne, a hat, scarf, kimono etc. Things that can be easily added or taken away to add something fun, tell a story and or add movement to a photo. Is this a birthday shoot? Perhaps Balloons is a great addition. Are you celebrating something? Perhaps Champagne is a fun add!


We live in Alberta and, yes.. it gets dang cold and, yes... we do winter engagement sessions!!

Whether you are doing spring, summer, fall, or winter photos, everything above still applies. The one tip for colors is that if we have a huge snowfall and everything around you is white, wear a contrasting color, I do not want to loose you to the background in the photos.

As the seasons change, I think the biggest difference is the warmth of clothing you should wear. People are often hesitant with booking when it is cold out but honestly, a beautiful Jacket is all you need! You don't need to really focus on what you put underneath (bundle up if you want to) but choose a pea coat that you love, a nice scarf, even a big sweater, and a toque and let's go play in the snow.

Timeless and "no-nos"

This is an important one! You want your photos to have a timeless feel.

Try to avoid anything that is very unique and in-style right now to keep your photos feeling clean and timeless.

Avoid things with logos on them, they are just distracting and can take away from the photos.

Embrace the "bloopers"


Sometimes kids are unhappy... they cry, they fuss and sometimes have a tantrum. THIS IS OK!!

The one thing I want you to keep in mind is these things happen - I am very patient and I encourage you to just embrace it.

Sometimes we won't get a smile, sometimes we need to give some quiet time and sometimes we need breaks.

I am all for those raw, real and candid moments. I usually end up sending some bloopers your way because honestly.. it is real life and thats what photography and capturing moments is all about!

The best way to prep is to make sure that kids have napped and are fed prior to the shoot and we time sessions around that to better ensure that the little ones are happy.

Bring an extra shirt or back up for those small ones that might spill on themselves. (If this happens, most of the time I am able to make just a quick photoshop to the spill) but it is always good to be prepared.

For smaller children and babies, bring a crinkle toy or something that makes noise so I can catch their attention. Sometimes it helps to have another family member stand behind me to catch their attention but I try to keep the energy very calm and not overly stimulating, no yelling their names over and over again. I find that kids will loose their patience when this happens. Again, I am very patient and will wait for that moment that they smile or look at the camera.

I am always here

This guide is just that, a guide. Not a strict rule book of what to wear and what not to.

Ultimately, I want three things from the outfits you choose -

1- For you all to feel absolutely confident and amazing in them

2- For it to be comfortable and realistic, that you'll be able to move in it and not feel awkward

3- For it to be YOU!! Be yourself and let your personality come through. I love that! You are uniquely you and you should show that

Oh and hey, I am always here.

It is often I get a text with a few photos of outfit options and I am always willing to give you my opinion and a helping hand with decisions.

Never feel like you cannot reach out!!

I am really looking forward to your session and I hope this helped.

Client Closet Update

I have a client closet filled with a variety of props, lace, kimonos, sweaters and dresses. They all range in size and are available to each and every one of my clients for their sessions.

I am in the works on getting a few more pieces to add to the collection and then I will be showcasing and posting about the pieces you can choose from!

Keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Client Closet Update

I have a client closet filled with a variety of props, lace, kimonos, sweaters and dresses. They all range in size and are available to each and every one of my clients for their sessions.

I am in the works on getting a few more pieces to add to the collection and then I will be showcasing and posting about the pieces you can choose from!

Keep an eye out for that in the near future.