Kristyn + Alec

These two currently live in Edmonton, Alberta and recently traveled down to Calgary for a visit with family which was a perfect opportunity for us to do their engagement photos!

They had explained to me that they were wanting a woodsy, forest and very nature feel for their photos. Obviously I quickly suggested Griffiths woods as our go to spot for their engagement photos. Griffiths Woods is massive.. It is a huge park that I have only scouted a small portion of so far. I know of three different entrances that I love and that give completely different feels and a variety of areas depending on what my client is looking for.

The first entrance here is a beautiful spacious entrance that is full of wide pathways and huge tall trees. We started here and then I took them to a different pathway that serves for more intimate spaces, light and a huge beautiful bridge.

As many of you already know, I LOVE GOLDEN HOUR. Does all caps portray that enough haha?

The sunset changes throughout the year for us here in Calgary and we have to constantly be adjusting and tracking that to make sure we are meeting with our clients at the perfect times.

Summer is obviously later than any other time of the year.. we ended up meeting up at 8pm which still honestly sounds bizarre to me. It feels so late haha

I get the pleasure of photographing these two next year at their wedding in Panoka. I am so so excited!! These two were such a blast to work with and to get to know...I am so excited to share these with you guys.

Enjoy - xoxo Sophia


We were loosing the light...

So we rushed over to weasel head, which is super close by. I knew we would catch a sunset there because of how high up on the ridge we would be... and caught the sunset we did!!

These two are so in love..

I love my job.

Till next year at their wedding!!

Thanks for viewing and supporting me.

xoxo Sophia