Romantic & Magical.

These are two words I would use to describe how this wedding went. The photos will show you this as well and can tell a better story than me writing this down but hey, here it goes.

Jessee & Leanne.

Jessee and Leanne are a couple I have actually known for quite a long time. I worked with Leanne originally and have done a dozen shoots with her prior to any of them being wedding related! Her fiance was sneaky and had asked me to capture his proposal, which was absolutely stunning. The short version of that story is that he proposed on the Ice at the downtown Ice rink in YYC. It was so beautiful and Leanne had 0 idea what was happening. She just thought they were on an innocent date night skating.

I was so happy for the two of them; they enjoyed being newly engaged and soaked in this special time with one another. They had then started to plan and prep for their wedding when Covid hit. A lot of things had to change for them and they pushed their date but ultimately decided to still tie the knot and say "I Do" on their original date they had planned, as it held significance and was a special date to them.

Although they had to cut their numbers, wear masks and the traditional stuff wasn't looking exactly how they had envisioned... their day was absolutely perfect. It rained, her dress and hair got wet, but they continued to smile and revel in the love they share. They were in bliss because it was their day and that's the thing. When it comes down to it, it's your day, it's how you enjoy every second and what you make of it.

Let's start at the beginning.

At a full-day wedding I always start with the details. They are so important and create a story.

Her lace dress was what dreams are made of, especially when you put it out in a mossy wooded area.


Hair & Makeup - Taylor Zarowny @prettyrecklessglam

Dress - Paloma Blanca from Ethos Bridal Calgary


People put in a lot of thought into every single detail of their wedding so I think it's super important to make sure to capture them all. My favourite is doing the morning details. It's the beginning of the day and also the beginning of the story you are about to capture/tell of their special day.



Highlights of the day

There were many highlights I loved from the day and what they planned, which I will show you below, but a few really stood out for me.

Jessee & Leanne obviously got married during a very hard and uncertain time. The Covid-19 Pandemic had started and they had to extremely adjust their day to be able to still say "I do" on their specific date, because it held special meaning to them.

Everything was being uprooted and re-planned to go along with the new regulations at the time. The support just started pouring in from close friends and family and they quickly pulled everything together.

Venue was a huge struggle and hurdle for them, especially after their original venue had closed due to covid and postponed their date to next year. The location they ended up going with for their original date, was actually very special to Leanne, a place she had many memories growing up in Caroline, Alberta.

After Leanne was done her hair and makeup, she went out to go look at her dress hung up in the forest. I followed her and I love this moment personally. I feel like the wedding dress is such a staple, you hand pick the one you want to spend the day in and say "i do" in. It is a very special thing. Having brides go view it hung and displayed is always a nice add to the day.

When Leanne came out and did a reveal to her sisters! Such a cute moment!!

The moment Leanne walked in and saw her groom Jessee, she just lit up and so did he. It was undeniable the love these two share the moment they were in the same room.

During Family Photos - one of her sisters and herself did some "top secret" photos when no one was looking. Her sister was pregnant but hadn't announced yet. They used the photos we took on her wedding day to announce that they were expecting. That was super special to capture.

Then their dog Hunter joined them for their formal photos. He is such an incredible dog, so well trained and loves his parents so much. He was also really enjoying running through the fields while it rained. He was soaked... well, so was Jessee and Leanne by the end of it all.

There are many many more, but I will let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.